I do in Di is the first agency organizing weddings on the coast of the Adriatic that included an absolute novelty in its offer – a wedding on the charming island of Our Lady of the Rocks in Montenegro.

An undiscovered corner of the Adriatic – the Bay of Kotor, bordering on the south-eastern part of Croatia, is the most beautiful part of the shoreline of Montenegro. Montenegro is a small republic of the former Yugoslavia that has been functioning as an independent country since 2006. The countless marvels of culture and nature make this place a very popular destination.

The Bay of Kotor (or the Boka) is known to be the southernmost fiord of Europe, and it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Four smaller bays that comprise it wedge into the land, creating a picturesque signature view of Montenegro.

By the bay, there are the medieval cities of Kotor and Perast, as well as Risan, which was founded in ancient times. In the deeper reaches of the bay, there are two islands: St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks, that are so charming they have become the unique symbols of Montenegro.

Our Lady of the Rocks, situated off the coast of Perast, is the only island on the Adriatic created by human hand. Legend has it that fishermen found a picture of Virgin Mary on a rock that protruded from the sea and decided to give it to St. Nicolas church in Perast. As the picture kept returning to the rock in inexplicable ways, the locals assumed it was a miracle and decided to form an artificial island there. In 17th century, a beautiful catholic church was constructed on the island and the picture was placed in it.

To this day, the church contains many tokens of gratitude left there by the faithful who experienced a miracle through the intercession of Our Lady of the Rocks. The church holds Europe’s biggest collection of tamata (a type of votive offering). The walls of the church are decorated with wedding bouquets left by many young couples who said their wedding vows there.

There are many exceptional places in there world where you can say “I do”… The island of Our Lady of the Rocks is certainly one of them. The charms of the Bay of Kotor and its fascinating history make it a really unique place. It is absolutely ideal for the perfect wedding ceremony. And maybe for you…?